17's Diary - Doyoon: 2013/05/17 'Lanterns'17's Diary - Jihun: 2013/05/13 'Seokmin-ie'17's Diary - Jihun: 2013/05/27 'I hate you!!'
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17's Diary - Seungkwan: 2013/05/16 'Tiger Teacher'17's Diary - Seungkwan: 2013/05/18 'It’s Seunggwan'17's Diary - Soonyoung: 2013/05/23 'It's A Shame'
17's Diary - Soonyoung: 2013/05/27 'Vacuum Cleaner'17's Diary - Soonyoung & Seungcheol: 2013/05/14 'Soccer and Ttakbam'17's Diary - Wonwoo: 2013/05/15 'Lyrics'
17's Diary Extra - R.MA: 2013/05/29 'Troublemakers'17’s Diary - Lee Chan: 2013/05/13 ‘Field Trip’20
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플레디스 Sunshine Remix한여름밤의 꿀 Sunshine Remix
File:-MV- SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) Pretty U(예쁘다)File:12342760 528975037265301 174048408014369069 n.jpgFile:130513 Chan.jpg
File:130513 Jihun.jpgFile:130514 Seuncheol & Soonyoung.jpgFile:130515 Wonwoo.jpg
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File:150521 Junhui.jpgFile:150525~26 Seungcheol, Jisoo, Soonyoung, Seungkwan, Chan, & Meerkat.jpgFile:17carat.jpg
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File:Cr @gggggum suyeon 2.jpgFile:Cr @jinyoung.jpgFile:Cr @pledis.jpg
File:Cr @pledisboysclub.jpgFile:Dongjin.jpgFile:Doyoon.jpg
File:Jihun.jpgFile:Joshua.jpgFile:Joshua Hong.jpg
File:Seventeen.jpgFile:Seventeen.pngFile:V- SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - '아주 NICE'(VERY NICE)
File:V- SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - 만세(MANSAE)File:V- SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - 사랑쪽지(Love Letter)File:V- 세븐틴(SEVENTEEN)-아낀다 (Adore U)

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