Joshua Hong
Birth Name Joshua Jisoo Hong (조슈아 지수 홍)
Stage Name Joshua (조슈아)
Birthday December 30, 1995
Hometown Los Angeles, USA
Position Main vocal
Years Active 2013-Present
Nationality Korean American
Genre K-pop
Label Pledis Entertainment
Associated Acts Seventeen, Orange Caramel

Joshua Hong or Hong Jisoo, known better simply as Joshua or Jisoo, is a Korean-American singer. He is a current member of the K-pop boy group Seventeen.)


After Seventeen

  1. [2015.9.3] Stole My Heart


  1. [2014.08.08] WAPOP Show
  2. [2014.08.10] WAPOP Show
  3. [2014.08.12] WAPOP Show
  4. [2014.08.17] WAPOP Show
  5. [2014.08.19] WAPOP Show
  6. [2014.08.22] WAPOP Show
  7. [2014.08.24] WAPOP Show
  8. [2014.08.26] WAPOP Show
  9. [2014.08.29] WAPOP Show
  10. [2014.09.05] WAPOP Show
  11. [2014.09.07] WAPOP Show
  12. [2014.09.12] WAPOP Show

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Music Show Appearances

  1. [2014.08.22] Music Bank
  2. [2014.08.24] Inkigayo

  1. Backup dancer for Orange Caramel
  2. Backup dancer for Orange Caramel

Music Video Appearances

  1. [2014.08.17] My Copycat

  1. Orange Caramel

TV Show Appearances

  1. [2014.09.12] Explore KOREA

Personal Life

Jisoo previously attended Grover Cleveland High School, before transferring to Downtown Magnets High School. He did not transfer schools upon moving to Korea. He has no siblings. His family consists of at least a mother and a father. Jisoo became a Pledis trainee in 2013. It is assumed that he auditioned for Pledis online, through YouTube, as a video of him doing a self-introduction and singing a song spread among Seventeen fans. The video was uploaded in early March, about a month before he was revealed as a Seventeen member. Jisoo has asked fans not to spread photos of him from when he lived in his hometown, Los Angeles. Many fans have followed his wishes, though predebut photos of him during this time are still able to be found, posted by fansites. In February 2014, an instagram account opened that many fans believed to be Jisoo's due to the account posting pictures of Jisoo and his friends and teachers, photos that had not been posted anywhere before. After a few weeks of the photos, the account owner posted a picture of himself, revealing that it was one of Jisoo's friends messing with the Seventeen fans. The account has been inactive since, and most of the pictures of Joshua have been deleted.