I'm Fortunate
150521 Junhui
Diary Info
Original Title: 다행이다
Translated Title: I'm Fortunate
Written By: Junhui
Date Written: 150521
Date Uploaded: 150522
Original Language(s): Chinese & Korean
Diary Guide
Seungkwan 130518: 'It's Seunggwan'
Seokmin 130522: 'Dinner'

Original TextEdit










"준휘야~" 매니저님이 내 앞으로 오셨다.

"내일 공항 2시 잊지마"

난 고개를 끄덕였고, 조금씩 두근거리기 시작했다.

부모님과 동생을 마중 나가 함께 호텔에 도착한 후 앞으로 보낼 4일에 대한 설렘을 가진 채 잠들었다.

이튿날, 부모님과 동생을 데리고 롯데월드에 갔다.

한국에서 유명한 놀이공원인데 형 동생들이 얘기해준 곳인데 정~~말 신나게 놀았다.

난 신나서 지쳤고, 부모님과 동생은 신난 나 때문에 힘들어 지쳤고….

그 후.. 남은 이틀 간은 소소하게 부모님과 마음 속 이야기도 나누고,

한국의 거리와 정을 느낄 수 있는 곳을 함께 느끼고 구경했다.

그리고~ 지금의 난, 연습실로 돌아왔고, 가족들은 중국으로 가는 비행기를 탔다.

갑자기 텅 빈 것 같아 허전하지만 괜찮아!! 라고 얘기해주는 형 동생들이 있어 다행이라고 생각했다. 

Translated TextEdit

"Junhui~" manager came in front of me  and said, “Remember you have to arrive at the airport at 2 o’clock tomorrow”.

I nodded, feeling a little excited on the inside.

With the feeling of being able to take a four day rest after picking up my parents and younger brother (and dropping them off at a hotel) I continued to sleep.

The next day, I woke up early next morning, foolishly took my parents and brother into “Lotte World”.

This is a famous amusement park in Korea that the members told me about, I wanted to take my family and spend time happily.

But the result is that while I was thrilled to death, my parents and brother were tired half way to death.

Still we took advantage of the good weather and spent it ordinarily, having heart to hearts with my parents, looking at korea’s customs and habits, visited sites here and there.

Ai~ the me right now, naturally went back to the practice room, as for my parents they also boarded their plane.

After my family left, I’m left feeling a little empty. Thankfully I always have brothers at my side saying “Jia You”. 

Translation CreditsEdit

Chinese text: dokyungsoo @ twitter

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