130513 Jihun
Diary Info
Original Title: 석민이
Translated Title: Seokmin-ie
Written By: Jihun
Date Written: 130513
Date Uploaded: 130513
Original Language(s): Korean
Diary Guide
Chan 130513: 'Field Trip'
Seungcheol & Soonyoung 130514: 'Soccer and Ttakbam'

Original TextEdit

오늘 석민이가 너무 크게 노래연습을 하고있어서

다른애들에게 방해되는거 같아 "석민아 시끄러!!"라고 크게 말했다

나쁜뜻으로 한건 아닌데 석민이가 좀 풀이 죽은것 같다.

숙소가면서 삼각김밥이나 하나 사줘야겠다ㅎㅎ

Translated TextEdit

Today Seokmin-ie practiced singing very loudly

As he might be a nuisance to others I told him, “Seokmin-ah, shut up!”

I didn't mean bad but Seokmin seems a little down

I think I will buy him a triangular kimbap on our way back to dorm ㅎㅎ

Translation CreditsEdit

17i-wasseoyo @ Tumblr

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